Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lyrics of my Heart - 1

One step back before my first step into corporate world 

Hi to all … guys and gals… my first blog. LOL.. Let me first open up myself to you all. I am a 22 years old guy. You see, I completed my engineering (everybody’s doing this yaar :P) this year from a well known reputed institute in India. Hey, I don’t want to talk about exactly which institute right now right here. Let it be somewhere in the bushes. We’ll pull it out later. 

So, this blogging just accidentally came up to my mind few nights before. I see a lot of people blog everyday about something new and some I find the same old stuff. Some smell genuine while some seems to be a repeat. But then I think why don’t we pop up something related to our own lives. That will be 100 % true and interesting to hear.

That’s why here I am… to open the book of my life to you all. Each and every coming SUNDAY, I will be right here to talk something new of my past and future coming days with you. Let’s begin then----
A year back………Still cherishing those memories when I was with my “BEST BUDDIES” of engineering  journey. Of course I am talking about when I was in my final year of engineering. What a start to the year we guys had. But now I still can’t believe that it’s all over. It’s like all completed at a sudden. A pain inside that can’t be gestured to anyone.

Hey guys!  C’mon…Look...I don’t want you to hear my past and make you pull you hairs out. I know many of us have come through this way. It’s nothing new. But the new is a question. A question that every year a guy must have asked to himself “Why this final year is so memorable?”. Out of 4 years why do we remember the last one when in every field the first one is so important? Nobody cares for the last.

I don’t think that these last days are any different from others. They are the same with 24 hours only. But what really brings us close is the feel of loneliness waiting ahead of us. It’s not because we’ll miss them rather because we’ll miss there company.  It’s a kind of fear of arriving next between some new faces and searching for any recognizable face. Where everybody will be a colleague but not a friend. A loneliness of unable to share your “insides” to someone. Don’t you guys think so?

But then I think one can’t give a good company to someone unless he is close to him. One will not feel lonely unless he is separated from some close ones. After all we talk “our things” with someone close only. So, is this closeness makes these last days memorable. Or it’s just an overflow of emotions unknowingly.

Now this probably seems like a debatable topic. Instantaneously at this point I am recalling my GD rounds during placement seasons. Probably here also I would admit that I prefer my “BEST BUDDIES” for a GD…:D :D. You guys could beat me in this topic though I never really have ever lost points in any debate.

It was April 15 evening 7:00 P.M when I probably bided my final good bye to me beloved ones. Till then I hadn’t even shedded a single tear. 30 minutes later, waiting for my train--the realization of “I am not going to hear any of their voices near my room “made me cry incessantly. It was the perfect 4th time when I had cried out so much in my life till now. When is the other 3 times then? At once then I questioned myself, is it worth to shed my precious tears for? I am still trying to get the answer out of my cells….

Now I have bagged two jobs in my campus. A few days left before my new life in corporate world. A prosperous life ahead but still then a question arises…………………..

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Until then enjoy your week and make yourself proud.


  1. The life is in every moment , it is just how much we are willing to feel and live , so live fully, as i could see you enjoyed and understood what it is like to get along people and move on alone......... so live each moment :)

    And nice words....keep it up, express yourself and i am damn sure, you shall do much better.

    1. Thnkx Vikas .... your words are so true ... :)

  2. Awesome words dear ... :)

  3. Thnkx for admiring my words ... :)

  4. well written piece.......keep it up man

  5. well written piece, keep it up man